Some New Faces in the Field

Event #1: $250 NLHE
Level 3: Blinds 100-200 BBA 200

According to the tournament screens, there are 118 players out of 127 entries remaining. Notable locals in the mix include Frederic Maniez, Oliver Robveille, Cedric Adam and his father Jean-Luc Adam, Christophe Enrici, Ricardo Cheng a June, and many more. Steve Vila was also seated in the first level but may have been moved.

Felix Sang and William Hicks are joined by Albert Lunenborg, Julian Bonnel and Vaea Profit are also among the contenders as well.

Plenty of Americans made the trip to the island, too. This includes the WSOP dealers Vicky Harrell and Heather Alcorn, who are forces to be reckoned on both sides of the felt.

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