Double Knockout for Ramssamy

Event #1: $250 NLHE
Level 2: Blinds 100-100 BBA 100

Marc Barbier was already all-in on a previous street when the action was picked up on the 9c6h5d10d turn. Susan Murphey bet 2,500 out of the big blind and Daivy Ramssamy then raised to 6,600 from an early position. Murphey called and then checked the 4c on the river. Ramssamy pushed for 4,200 and Murphey tank-called.

Barbier tabled his QhQs which was no good, as Ramssamy held the 10c10h for a set of tens. “Hah, big blind special and it is no good,” Murphey said on her way out as she briefly exposed the 9s5h for flopped two pair.

Daivy Ramssamy – 32,000

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