Fattahi Eliminated by Thompson

WSOPC Ring Event #5: $300 Ladies Event
Level 12: Blinds 1,500-3,000 BBA 3,000
8 / 43 Remaining

Sanaz Fattahi open-jammed for the last 14,500 moments after the blinds went up and Rebecca Thompson in the big blind sighed an “oh gosh” before making the call.

Sanaz Fattahi: As10s
Rebecca Thompson: 4c4h

“This was my best hand since yesterday,” Fattahi mentioned in table chat and found no help on the 5d3c2hQd7c board to bow out in ninth place. On her way out, she said “ladies, enjoy your table.”

Rebacca Thompson – 58,000
Sanaz Fattahi – Eliminated in 9th Place

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