Pots for Croes and Mehnana

WSOPC Ring Event #5: $300 Ladies Event
Level 12: Blinds 1,000-2,000 BBA 2,000
9 / 43 Remaining

Heather Alcorn raised to 4,500 and Veronique Croes came along in the cutoff while all other players behind folded. The Qh6d2h flop was checked and Alcorn check-folded the 9c turn when Croes bet 9,000.

Soon after, a battle of the blinds saw Myriam Mehnana in the big blind while La Sengphet was in the small blind. There was no open shove by the chip leader this time as they headed to the 9h7h5d flop. Sengphet check-folded to a shove and showed the 5h, Mehnana returned the favour to reveal the 9d.

La Sengphet – 105,000
Veronique Croes – 100,000
Heather Alcorn – 75,000
Myriam Mehnana – 18,000

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