Yocca Busts Thompson

WSOPC Ring Event #7: $300 Seniors
Level 9: Blinds 400-800 BBA 800

38 / 116 Remaining

Towards the end of the registration period, the all-in showdowns keep coming at a rapid pace and there are just five tables running. Rebecca Thompson was among the shorter stacks and got her last few blinds in before the flop with the KsJc. John Yocca had raised with the 9d9h and the pocket pair held up on the AhJd3h10h4d board.

The same table also features Frank Yocca as well, as the father and son duo is battling against each other for quite some time.

John Yocca – 63,000
Frank Yocca – 16,000
Rebecca Thompson – Eliminated

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