Two Bustouts and a Double

WSOPC Ring Event #10: $1,700 NLHE Main Event
Level 19: Blinds 4,000 – 8,000
/ BBA 8,000
29 / 256 Players Remaining

Michael Zuro had lost a portion of his stack before the break and then got it in preflop with the KsQd. Alfonso Cammarota quickly called with the AsQh and the demands for a king by Zuro were denied on the Qs10d5s7d3c board.

“It would have gone in anyways on the flop,” Cammarota remarked.

Moments later, Karthik Ramakrishnan was at risk for 148,000 before the flop out of the big blind with the AsKd and Belkacem Habassi looked him up from under the gun with the KcQh. The JsJc3s2s3d board was no threat for Ramakrishnan and he doubled.

Another minute later, Alessio Isaia shipped it in for the last 60,000 with Ah7c and Marc Evanier called with the Ad10h. Both players hit their kicker on the 8s6h4s10d7d runout to reduce the field to the final 29 players.

Alfonso Cammarota – 700,000
Belkacem Habassi – 400,000
Marc Evanier – 350,000
Karthik Ramakrishnan – 310,000
Michael Zuro – Eliminated

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