Short Stack Double for Beauvais

WSOPC Ring Event #8: $400 Black Chip Bounty
Level 26: Blinds 40,000-80,000 BBA 80,000

3 / 247 Entries

Down to a mere 265,000, Jacky Beauvais moved all-in from the button and La La Sengphet shrugged in the big blind, then called.

Jacky Beauvais: KsKd
La La Sengphet: Js3s

The 7d5c3c flop gave Sengphet some more outs but she missed on the 4c turn and 9h river.

One hand later, she jammed out of the small blind and Beauvais forfeited the big blind and ante.

La La Sengphet – 2,710,000
Jacky Beauvais – 530,000
Benjamin Thomas – 1,315,000

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