Rollocks No More

WSOPC Ring Event #10: $1,700 NLHE Main Event
Level 7: Blinds 300-500 BBA 500
76/116 Entries

Julian Rollocks tripled up his short stack with 10c8h when he got it in after a Jd9c4h flop to get called by two opponents including Andrew Leathem. The two active players checked down the 6d turn and 7d river, Leathem tabled the 5h5d but Rollocks had the best of it with the straight.

Soon after, Leathem raised to 1,500 and earned one caller. Rollocks jammed for 8,900 and the Scotsman was the only caller.

Julian Rollocks: KdJs
Andrew Leathem: AhKs

The kicker played on the 10h9c8h4hKc board for Rollocks to bust.

Andrew Leathem – 60,000
Julian Rollocks – Eliminated

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