Rice Escapes From Elimination; Doubles Once More

WSOPC Ring Event #10: $1,700 NLHE Main Event
Level 21: Blinds 6,000 – 12,000
/ BBA 12,000
22 / 256 Players Remaining

After being left short from a previous hand, Shawn Rice had all but the last few chips in from the big blind when facing button aggression by Alfonso Cammarota. Those went in after the 10c6d3h flop and Cammarota shrugged “I have to call you.”

Shawn Rice: Qh8h
Alfonso Cammarota: Qs3s

The Jd turn and 9d river improved Rice to an unlikely straight and he survived.

Shortly after, John Henderson raised to 35,000 and reluctantly called Rice’s shove for 96,000.

Shawn Rice: KcKd
John Henderson: QdJd

The KhJc5d flop gave Rice the top set and he said “no sweat please”. That wish was granted with the 7h turn and Henderson then jokingly asked for a jack, which he also received on the Jh river. Rice scored back-to-back doubles to get back into contention.

17 1 Alfonso Cammarota United States 480,000
17 2 Ryan Ramsdell United States 680,000
17 3 Shawn Rice United States 222,000
17 4 Marc Evanier United States 240,000
17 5 Joseph Lane United States 130,000
17 6 Karthik Ramakrishnan United States 350,000
17 7 John Henderson United States 220,000
17 8 Belkacem Habassi France 750,000

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