Nearly Half the Field Remains in Monster Stack

WSOPC Ring Event #3: $400 Monster Stack
Level 10: Blinds 500-1,000 BBA 1,000
103 / 197 Remaining

Level ten in the Monster Stack is underway and the tournament attracted a total of 197 entries to create a prize pool of $65,010. With blinds at 500-1,000 and a big blind ante of 1,000, some 103 players remain in contention.

Among the current chip leaders os Johan Dijkhoffz, who knocked out Desmond Culbert a few minutes ago. Two big hands clashed on a board of 9c7h5s5dAc as Culbert had flopped a set of sevens and turned a full house. However, Dijkhoffz had the best of it with 9h9s to knock out the Sint Maarten resident.

Johan Dijkhoffz – 210,000
Desmond Culbert – Eliminated

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