More for Lech and Di Nicola

WSOPC Ring Event #2: $400 Bonus Stack
Level 11: Blinds 600-1,200 BBA 1,200
64 / 169 Remaining

Michael Lech looked up the short stack jam of his table neighbour with the QdJd and was facing Ac10c in showdown. The board came Jc9s8d5h4s and Lech recovered some earlier losses.

Raffaele Maria Di Nicola was also spotted in action as well. With a completed board of Qs5d3s5c7c, the Italian jammed for 30,100 in the big blind into a pot of nearly the same size. Mark Castor went into a brief tank and opted to fold.

Michael Lech 100,000
Mark Castor – 80,000
Raffaele Maria Di Nicola – 60,000

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