Mike Courquin Eliminated in 4th Place ($2,500)

WSOPC Ring Event #11: $300 NLHE Turbo
Level 20: Blinds 10,000 – 20,000 / BBA 20,000

3 / 108 Players Remaining

Mike Courquin jammed up his stack once more when he pushed the AhAc10c9h turn for 137,000 when Eric van der Burg checked to him, then reluctantly folded to the push.

Soon after, Gary Lapier raised the button to 50,000 and Courquin pushed for around 300,000 in the big blind. After some ten seconds, Lapier announced “I call” and the cards were flipped over.

Mike Courquin: 6c6h
Gary Lapier: 10s9s

The AsQh9c flop improved Lapier and he held onto the lead throughout the Kd turn and 5c. Courquin left the table with the head shaking before heading to the payout desk.

Gary Lapier – 720,000
Eric van der Burg – 450,000
Mike Courquin – Eliminated in 4th Place ($2,500)

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