Enrici Gets Short; Lapier Shows a Bluff

WSOPC Ring Event #11: $300 NLHE Turbo
Level 21: Blinds 10,000 – 25,000 / BBA 25,000

3 / 108 Players Remaining

Short handed play brought no joy to Christophe Enrici as his stack was decimated without him picking up any pots.

That proved to be a costly affair due to the big blind ante and he could only watch Eric van der Burg as well as Gary Lapier trading the chips back and forth.

Van der Burg then raised to 60,000 on the button and Lapier defended the big blind. Lapier led the Qd9s5s flop for 100,000 to win the pot uncontested and flashed the Ah8s for a bluff.

Gary Lapier – 720,000
Eric van der Burg – 480,000
Christophe Enrici – 85,000

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