Lunenborg Next to Bust

Event #1: $250 NLHE
Level 19: Blinds 4,000-8,000 BBA 8,000
15 / 216 Remaining

Thibaud Martin defended the big blind against Aleftina Didier and they checked the Qc10d4c flop. Martin bet the 6d turn for 30,000 to earn a call and bet the 6s river for another 30,000. Didier folded and Martin flashed the QsJd.

Shortly after, Albert Lunenborg was all-in from the big blind with a very short stack and Martin looked him up. Lunenborg found no miracle with Qd9d versus AhJh on the AcAs3d2s8h runout to bow out in 16th place.

Aleftina Didier – 290,000
Thibaud Martin – 270,000
Albert Lunenborg – Eliminated in 16th Place ($550)

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