Figiel Leaves Sebastiani Short

Event #1: $250 NLHE
Level 19: Blinds 4,000-8,000 BBA 8,000
15 / 216 Remaining

Damien Granchi had a sweat when his AdKd clashed with the AhKh of Benjamin Perez in a preflop contest but two hearts on the flop were followed by blanks.

Up next on the same table, Richard Figiel flipped for the last 150,000 against Luca Sebastiani.

Richard Figiel: AhKh
Luca Sebastiani: QdQs

The Js4h3h flop was bad news for Sebastiani already and Figiel locked it up on the 5h turn to make the As river a formality.

Richard Figiel – 320,000
Luca Sebastiani – 40,000

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