Lawrence Doubles; Busts After

WSOPC Ring Event #7: $300 Seniors
Level 12: Blinds 800-1,600 BBA 1,600

28 / 117 Remaining

Cathy Lawrence pushed from an early position and Richard Sighiel announced call from the small blind but wanted to complete only. The floor was called and since he had verbally declared the action, he had to call the 11,700 shove.

Cathy Lawrence: Ac4h
Richard Sighiel: 9c3c

The board ran out Jc10d3d4dQc and Lawrence doubled.

However, soon after she got her still shorter stack in with the 7s7c and Moise Alloun did so with the KdKc. The 10s6c4h5s9c runout left Lawrence with 200 chips. She survived the next showdown and then bowed out thereafter.

Richard Figiel – 60,000
Moise Alloun – 51,000
Cathy Lawrence – Eliminated

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