Kontaratos No More

WSOPC Ring Event #10: $1,700 NLHE Main Event
Level 6: Blinds 200 – 400 / BBA 400

84 / 100 Players Remaining

Richard Figiel was part of a double elimination that vaulted Corinne Bertrand near the top of the leaderboard and he then watched fellow Canadian Bill Kontaratos in action against Pierre Paraud. Kontaratos bet 5,000 with around 2,000 behind on the 6s5c4c flop and then called all-in when Paraud raised.

Bill Kontaratos: QhQs
Pierre Paraud: AdAc

The 9s turn and 10c river brought no miracle for Kontaratos and he was sent to the rail.

“He did it twice to him,” Joseph Hebert confirmed in table chat.

Corinne Bertrand – 135,000
Pierre Paraud – 90,000
Bill Kontaratos / Richard Figiel – Eliminated

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