Jacky Beauvais Eliminated in 3rd Place ($6,500)

WSOPC Ring Event #8: $400 Black Chip Bounty
Level 26: Blinds 40,000-80,000 BBA 80,000

2 / 247 Entries

Benjamin Thomas limped the small blind and La La Sengphet folded in the small blind. Jacky Beauvais shipped it in from the big blind for around half a million and Thomas snap-called.

Jacky Beauvais: Ac4s
Benjamin Thomas: AdAs

The trap of Thomas sent Beauvais on the brink of elimination and he was drawing dead until the JsJh7h2c turn. It was already over and the Ah river was then the cherry on top for Thomas, who will enter heads-up play as the chip leader.

La La Sengphet – 1,700,000
Benjamin Thomas – 2,350,000
Jacky Beauvais – Eliminated in 3rd Place ($6,500)

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