Gonzalez Wins Two in a Row

Event #1: $250 NLHE
Level 26: Blinds 20,000-40,000 BBA 40,000
2 / 216 Remaining

Aleftina Didier raised to 100,000 on the button for Fraddy Gonzalez to call. The Kc4h3s flop was checked and Gonzalez bet the 10s turn for 50,000, earning a call from Didier. On the 7d river, Gonzalez bet 170,000 and Didier folded.

Gonzalez raised the next button and Didier defended to see the Ac7c4c flop. Didier check-called for 150,000 and then check-folded the 7h turn when Gonzalez moved all-in.

Aleftina Didier – 1,620,000
Fraddy Gonzalez – 1,200,000

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