First Eliminations in the Money

WSOPC Ring Event #9: $400 NLHE Turbo
Level 18: Blinds 6,000-12,000 BBA 12,000

15 / 183 Entries

Within just five minutes, the field was reduced to the final two tables.

Jihad Louali became the first casualty followed by Christophe van Kerrebrcek.

Martin Ryan was then all-in with AcAs against the 7d7c of Bill Kontaratos and the 10s7c5c2hAd board gave both players a set.

Beau Stanton had a tough beat when his AhQs was up against Qh10h and the board ran out Ks7s5sJd9c.

Alexander Orlov then got it in with the AsJs against Ryan’s KhQh and the Qs7c3d7sJd board improved the latter.

Last but not least, Jean-Pierre Didier three-bet jammed the QsJs and Raffaele Maria Di Nicola called as the initial raiser with Ad7d. The As10c9h7c6d board sent Didier out in 16th place.

In the last hand before the two table balance, Oleksander Okrushko was also eliminated to reduce the field to the final 15.

Raffaele Maria Di Nicola – 420,000
Martin Ryan – 280,000
Bill Kontaratos – 275,000

16 Oleksander Okrushko United States $820
17 Jean-Pierre Didier France $820
18 Alexander Orlov Latvia $820
19 Beau Stanton Austria $720
20 Christophe van Kerrebrcek France $720
21 Jihad Louali France $720

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