Dervain and Turmezey Add Chips

WSOPC Ring Event #10: $1,700 NLHE Main Event
Level 21: Blinds 6,000 – 12,000
/ BBA 12,000
22 / 256 Players Remaining

At the end of the previous level, Aram Zobian paid off a value bet by Miguel Dervain on the river of a Ah4s3hJdQs board and was shown the Kc10s for the back door nuts by his table neighbour.

Peter Turmezey then bet the 10h10h4s flop and called a raise to 65,000 by Steve Vila. The 6d turn was checked and Turmezey bet the 3h river for 50,000. Vila mulled over the decision for a while and called, getting shown the 6h5h by Turmezey. That was good enough to win the pot, as Vila flashed the Ah4h.

Peter Turmezey – 950,000
Miguel Dervain – 550,000
Aram Zobian – 350,000
Steve Vila – 210,000

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