Debs Doubles Through Sengphet; Busts Mehnana

WSOPC Ring Event #4: $300 Ladies Event
Level 14: Blinds 2,000-4,000 BBA 4,000
7 / 43 Remaining

Nathalie Debs moved all-in for the last 24,500 from an early position and La Sengphet reluctantly called out of the big blind.

Nathalie Debs: KdKc
La Sengphet: As10c

The board ran out 9c4d2s5h8h and Debs survived two spots away from the money.

Up next, Myriam Mehnana moved all-in for just 10,500 from the small blind when Debs was in the big blind and the call by Debs fllowed.

Myriam Mehnana: Jc9h
Nathalie Debs: QhJh

Mehnana turned around and didn’t want to watch the showdown while Michael Lech was on the rail in support. When the board had run out Jd3d2dQc7c, Lech said “you can turn around now but … ” to bring the bad news. Mehnana has missed out on the cash and the tournament is now on the money bubble.

La Sengphet – 85,000
Nathalie Debs – 75,000
Myriam Mehnana – Eliminated in 8th Place

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