Carter Doubles Through Bakovic

WSOPC Ring Event #5: $300 NLHE Semi-Turbo
Level 18: Blinds 6,000-12,000 BBA 12,000
6 / 137 Remaining

Alen Bakovic added some more chips with aggression when he bet the turn and river of a 9s8h4c9h5s board. Jean-Claude Ben Moha called the first bet worth 20,000 and then folded when Bakovic made it 55,000 to go.

In the next hand, Bakovic opened to 25,000 and Ray Carter jammed for the last 80,000 in the small blind to get called by Bakovic.

Ray Carter: 10d8d
Alen Bakovic: 5h4h

The Jh6d3h flop was a huge sweat for Carter but he held onto the very narrow lead on the 3c turn and Jc river.

Alen Bakovic – 665,000
Jean-Claude Ben Moha – 420,000
Ray Carter – 184,000

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