Balleur Binks a Double

WSOPC Ring Event #5: $300 NLHE Semi-Turbo
Level 19: Blinds 10,000-20,000 BBA 20,000
2 / 137 Remaining

Alen Bakovic ripped it in from the small blind and was called by Gaetan Balleur in the big blind.

Gaetan Balleur: AcQs
Alen Bakovic: 4d4h

The As6d2d flop gave Balleur the superior pair while Bakovic had back door diamond and straight outs. One option vanished on the 2c turn and the Ad river even gave Balleur a full house. Bakovic was denied the final blow but grabbed a few chips back shortly after.

Alen Bakovic – 1,220,000
Gaetan Balleur – 516,000


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