Atoui Doubles Through Ryan

WSOPC Ring Event #6: $300 PLO
Level 17: Blinds 2,500-5,000
9 / 117 Remaining

Kamel Atoui won a pot without showdown and he then raised it up from the hijack. Martin Ryan repotted to 55,500 on the button, which Atoui called. The flop brought 6s4h3s and Atoui jammed for 77,000 to get a call by Ryan.

Kamel Atoui: KcQc9h6h
Martin Ryan: AcAs9d8h

The 9s turn improved Atoui to two pair and he held onto the lead on the 7s river.

Martin Ryan – 477,000
Kamel Atoui – 255,000

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