Alsonso Cammarota Eliminated in 2nd Place ($9,700)

WSOPC Ring Event #9: $400 NLHE Turbo
Level 24: Blinds 30,000-60,000 BBA 60,000

1 / 183 Entries

Alfonso Cammarota moved all-in twice and received one walk. His next attempt to jam up the stack while on the button was snap-called by Gaetan Balleur, who instantly revealed the JcJh.

“Of course,” Cammarota added with a dry smile on the face before flipping over his 10d5c. The 7h5d4h flop gave Cammarota a lifeline but he only had two outs after the 4d turn. Last but not least, the Ad fell on the river and that sent Cammarota to the payout desk just shy of the victory.

Gaetan Balleur – Winner for $15,700
Alfonso Cammarota – Runner-Up for $9,700

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