Adam Wins Multi-Way Pot

WSOPC Ring Event #6: $300 PLO
Level 15: Blinds 1,500-3,000
14 / 117 Remaining

Gaetan Balleur raised to 10,000 and received no fewer than four callers. All five players checked the Ac9c9d flop and the 8h followed on the turn. Arman Bosnakyan bet 10,000 in the small blind and Cedric Adam on the button was the only caller. The 2c river was checked and Adam held the winning hand with the Kd10c8c8d for eights full of nines.

Kamel Atoui – 160,000
Cedric Adam – 110,000
Danny Clarkson – 60,000
Gaetan Balleur – 40,000
Arman Bosnakyan – 28,000

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