Zhen Cai Eliminated in 13th Place ($5,800)

WSOPC Ring Event #10: $1,700 NLHE Main Event
Level 23: Blinds 10,000 – 20,000
/ BBA 20,000
12 / 256 Players Remaining

The flop showed QdJh3h and John Henderson checked in the small blind. Zhen Cai bet 35,000 in the big blind to then see Benjamin Thomas raise to 165,000 in the cutoff. Henderson quickly folded and Cai went into the tank for more than two minutes before jamming for around 600,000.

Thomas snap-called and the cards were turned over.

Zhen Cai: Ah8h
Benjamin Thomas: JcJd

Cai improved to a flush with the Qh turn but was drawing dead nonetheless, as the board had paired and given Thomas a full house. The meaningless 8c river completed the board and Cai sighed a long “whyyyy”, slumping back in his chair before heading to the payout desk.

Benjamin Thomas – 2,840,000
Zhen Cai – Eliminated in 13th Place ($5,800)

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