Vuong Bad Beats Giguet

WSOPC Ring Event #3: $400 Monster Stack
Level 21: Blinds 10,000-20,000 BBA 20,000
10 / 197 Remaining

The action folded all the way to Mehdi Giguet in the small blind and he pushed all-in for 310,000. Thanh Vuong was in the big blind and asked for a count, then double-checked his own stack before making the sigh-call.

Mehdi Giguet: JcJh
Thanh Vuong: 5h5s

Vuong immediately sighed when he saw the dominating pocket pair one seat over. Nothing changed on the Kh10h6s flop but Vuong spiked the 5d on the turn. Left with just two outs, Giguet missed on the Kc river and became the 11th place finisher.

Thanh Vuong – 1,150,000
Mehdi Giguet – Eliminated in 11th Place ($1,200)

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