Vickrey Chips Goetz Down Further

WSOPC Ring Event #13: $250 NLHE Turbo
Level 22: Blinds 20,000 – 40,000
/ BBA 40,000
2 / 203 Entries Remaining

Chris Vickrey raised the button to 120,000 and folded to a shove by Pierre Goetz in the big blind.

One orbit later, the same open raise was called by Goetz, who check-folded the AhKc4c flop to a bet worth 200,000.

Goetz then opened to 80,000 and Vickrey called. They checked the 9h7d6d flop and Vickrey bet the Jc turn for 200,000 to claim another pot uncontested.

Chris Vickrey – 2,200,000
Pierre Goetz – 450,000

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