Three Doubles On the Bubble

WSOPC Ring Event #7: $300 Seniors
Level 16: Blinds 2,000-4,000 BBA 4,000

16 / 117 Remaining

In the last hands of the previous level, Chew “Michael” Sue jammed the button with the KcJh and Tracy Hutton called with the QdQh in the big blind. The Ks9c4s2d9s board gave Sue the superior two pair and he doubled for 20,000.

Nick Bennett and Moise Salloun then invested 27,000 each on the 8h6d5c flop and Salloun pushed on the 2h turn. Bennett reluctantly called and tabled the 6h6s for a set. Salloun had plenty of outs with the 7c7h but the 8c river was not among them, allowing Bennett to double for 46,500.

The next multi-way limped pot in the new level saw Bennett in the big blind and Martin Ryan in the under-the-gun position was also among the players involved. They got it in after the Ac4h3c flop with Ryan at risk for 49,000 with the 6c5c. Bennett tabled the As3d for two pair but Ryan improved on the 9c turn, then held after the Kh river.

Shortly after, John Yocca four-bet pushed for 105,500 and Bennett folded the AsKh, having invested 20,000. Yocca returned the favour as he exposed AcKs.

John Yocca – 130,000
Martin Ryan – 115,000
Nick Bennett – 106,500
Tracy Hutton – 70,000
Chew Sue – 45,000

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