The Money Bubble Bursts

WSOPC Ring Event #2: $400 Bonus Stack
Level 18: Blinds 3,000-6,000 BBA 6,000
18 / 169 Remaining

Fraddy Gonzalez raised to 15,000 and Karthik Ramakrishnan called in the cutoff. Arnaud Lebarbey then shoved for 24,000 on the button to receive two calls. Both active players checked down the KhQd9d4sKc board and Gonzalez showed 7d7h. Ramakrishnan only had 5h5s and Lebarbey’s AdJd was no good to reduce the field to the final 19 on the money bubble.

The dealers were instructed to stop after the current hand, which saw the button shove of Stephane Genet with an ace-trey. Philippe Culot isolated in the small blind with ace-king and the kicker played to let the bubble burst.

Karthik Ramakrishnan – 600,000
Fraddy Gonzalez – 180,000
Philippe Culot – 120,000
Arnaud Lebarbey – Eliminated
Stephane Genet – Eliminated on the Bubble

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