Simone Miracoli Eliminated in 8th Place ($1,660)

WSOPC Ring Event #8: $400 Black Chip Bounty
Level 23: Blinds 15,000-30,000 BBA 30,000

7 / 247 Entries

Simone Miracoli was all-in for the last 140,000 and Sacha Mimouni then jammed over the top for 265,000 in the cutoff. La Sengphet as the big chip leader pondered about her decision for a while in the small blind and made the call to potentially claim two bounties.

Simone Miracoli: QhJh
Sacha Mimouni: 9d9c
La Sengphet: Js9s

Sengphet was asking for spades but the KdJd6d flop instead gave her the second pair, trailing only Miracoli. Nothing changed on the 2c turn and now Mimouni spoke up and asked for a diamond. That’s what appeared on the 2d river as Miracoli was eliminated and Mimouni almost tripled up.

La Sengphet – 1,340,000
Sacha Mimouni – 700,000
Simone Miracoli – Eliminated in 8th Place ($1,660)

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