Salloun and Fiske Next to Fall

WSOPC Ring Event #7: $300 Seniors
Level 18: Blinds 3,000-6,000 BBA 6,000

12 / 117 Remaining

Moise Salloun started the day with the lead but quickly lost a big portion of that to become a short stack. He now got it in with the Qc8c and was called by Nicola Basile with the As10s. The rich got richer on the AcJs5d2cAd board as Basile made trips aces.

One table over, Steve Lopes raised to 11,000 and then called the shove by Kelly Fiske for 21,000 total.

Kelly Fiske: KhJh
Steve Lopes: KdQd

Lopes was somewhat surprised to have the better kicker by a notch and the 9s7d2c9c9h board changed nothing whatsoever.

Nicola Basile – 265,000
Richard Figiel – 230,000
Steve Lopes – 90,000
Moise Salloun – Eliminated in 14th Place ($500)
Kelly Fiske – Eliminated in 13th Place ($500)

Moments later, the blinds went up with 12 players remaining.

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