Ryan Gets a Bluff Through; Clarkson Gets Short

WSOPC Ring Event #6: $300 PLO
Level 23: Blinds 10,000-20,000

3 / 117 Remaining

Martin Ryan bet the heads-up turn of Ad8h2h6d for 110,000 and Alessio Isaia opted to call. Ryan quickly bet the 2s again for 200,000 and Isaia eventually folded. That prompted Ryan to flash the 7h5h4x3d and Isaia tapped the table with the words “nice hand.”

Soon after it was the Italian as the aggressor on the button and Danny Clarkson stuck around to the Kh10s9h9d8d river. Clarkson check-called a bet worth 110,000 and Isaia tabled the QdJd9c9s for quads to win the pot.

However, most of the profit for Isaia vanished when Ryan check-called a bet worth 110,000 on the 7s6d2hKc turn. The Qh river was checked through and Ryan’s AcAhKsJs for a pair of aces were good enough to win the pot.

Martin Ryan – 1,080,000
Alessio Isaia – 468,000
Danny Clarkson – 200,000

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