Ryan Adds Chips; Mercera Survives Once More

WSOPC Ring Event #6: $300 PLO
Level 18: Blinds 3,000-6,000
9 / 117 Remaining

The two short stacks Gaetan Balleur and Elvis Mercera got their chips in. Balleur had the AdQd8s2s in the small blind, which had flopped two pair on Qs8d2h. Mercera was behind with KhQc10h9c but got there on the 3d turn and Ks river runout.

Three ways to the Ks6h4d flop, Paul Benichou bet 24,000 in the small blind and Martin Ryan called. The 3d followed on the turn and Benichou check-folded to a bet worth 60,000. “Good fold,” Ryan added and flashed the 6c6d5d for a set and flush draw.

Martin Ryan – 630,000
Paul Benichou – 75,000
Elvis Mercera – 50,000
Gaetan Balleur – 20,000

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