Rice Jams Up Stack Against Zobian and Vila

WSOPC Ring Event #10: $1,700 NLHE Main Event
Level 17: Blinds 2,500 – 5,000
/ BBA 5,000
39 / 256 Players Remaining

According to Gaetan Balleur and another player at the table, Aram Zobian had made a move with a pair of nines against overcards on the board. Balleur eventually called all-in with the queen and doubled.

Soon after, the same table featured more action. Shawn Rice checked out of the blinds on the 9c6d4c flop and Zobian bet 19,000. Steve Vila flat-called and Rice then jammed for another 130,500 on top. Zobian quickly folded and Vila asked for a count before folding the 9d face up.

Rice returned the favour and flashed the Ac6c, which he described as an easy decision.

Steve Vila – 460,000
Pawan Braich – 370,000
Aram Zobian – 360,000
Gaetan Balleur – 310,000
Shawn Rice – 210,000
Desmond Culbert – 190,000
Amin Hosein – 165,000

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