Rapid Eliminations Reduce Field to 14 Players

WSOPC Ring Event #3: $400 Monster Stack
Level 20: Blinds 8,000-16,000 BBA 16,000
14 / 197 Remaining

Jean Souprayenmestry raised the button and then called the shove by table short stack Alessandro Martini in the big blind.

Alessandro Martini: KhQc
Jean Souprayenmestry: Qd10c

The 8h8d7c10sQs board gave Souprayenmestry queens and tens to eliminate Martini in 17th place.

Albert Balayn then arrived at the table with a severe short stack after he had lost a big portion to the sheer aggression of Martin Ryan. He got it in from the cutoff and Aernout Kraaijeveld called on the button.

Albert Balayn: KsQd
Aernout Kraaijeveld: AdQc

Following the Jc4c3hAcQs board, Balayn was drawing dead and had to settle for 16th place.

Only a few moments passed until Meghan Smith then jammed blind on blind on the same table into the big stack of Jacky Beauvais, earning an instant call.

Meghan Smith: Ad3d
Jacky Beauvais: AsQh

The AcJc6s6h5d board ensured that the kicker played and the field was thinned down to 14 contenders in a matter of five minutes.

Jacky Beauvais – 900,000
Aernout Kraaijeveld – 650,000
Martin Ryan – 400,000
Jean Souprayenmestry – 400,000

Meghan Smith – Eliminated in 15th Place ($1,000)
Albert Balayn – Eliminated in 16th Place ($920)
Alessandro Martini – Eliminated in 17th Place ($920)

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