Ramsdell Busts; Granchi Doubles

Event #1: $250 NLHE
Level 18: Blinds 3,000-6,000 BBA 6,000
20 / 216 Remaining

Ryan Ramsdell pushed all-in once more and this time he was called by Alexandre Assedo, while Thibaud Martin folded in the small blind.

Ryan Ramsdell: As2h
Alexandre Assedo: AcJc

The kicker played on the KsKd9s3cKc board to eliminate Ramsdell in 21st place.

Damien Granchi was on his way out as well when he jammed for the last 38,500 with the 6c6h and Luca Sebastiani flat-called on the button holding the AsAc. However, the 7h5d2c6s3h board gave Granchi a set to survive.

Luca Sebastiani – 240,000
Alexandre Assedo – 165,000
Damien Granchi – 80,000
Ryan Ramsdell – Eliminated in 21st Place ($490)

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