Ramakrishnan Further Extends Lead

WSOPC Ring Event #2: $400 Bonus Stack
Level 17: Blinds 2,500-5,000 BBA 5,000
22/ 169 Remaining

“He limps aces, eh,” Konstantin Tourevski said on his way out after he had just been knocked out by chip leader Karthik Ramakrishnan. The latter had prevailed with AdAs when the chips went in after the Qh10h7d flop. Tourevski’s king-queen was top pair but he found no help on the 4d turn and Jh river.

Shortly after, Pierre Goetz clashed with Steve Vila and the following flip unfolded.

Pierre Goetz: 9s9h
Steve Vila: AhKc

The standard flip would go on a roller coaster ride throughout the KsQhJc flop, 9c turn and 10c river after which Goetz left the table with a “what the fuck”. Several players at the table gasped as well.

Karthik Ramakrishnan – 575,000
Steve Vila – 330,000
Konstantin Tourevski – Eliminated
Pierre Goetz – Eliminated

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