Perez Chips Up Early; Bislick Loses a Bunch

Event #1: $250 NLHE
Level 1: Blinds 100-100

Canada’s Arman Bosnakyan holds the most cashes at the Casino Royale and the Sint Maarten resident is one of many locals to already enter the fray. There are now 12 tables in play and Bosnakyan limped in only to then see Ramses Bislick raised to 300, picking up calls from the small blind and Bosnakyan. The Qd8h4s flop was checked to Bislick, who continued for 400 and received two calls once more.

All three players then checked the Qs turn and the 3d river. The small blind flipped over the 9s8c for two pair and that won the pot, as Bosnakyan and Bislick both mucked.

Benjamin Perez also earned an early pot after he took on Meghan Smith in a battle of the blinds. With some 4,000 in the middle to the Ks2s2h10hKc river, Smith bet 2,500 and that sent Perez into the tank. The call followed for Smith to reveal AhQd, which Perez had beat with the 7h7d.

Benjamin Perez – 16,500
Meghan Smith – 9,500

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