Nearly Even in Chips for the Final Three

WSOPC Ring Event #3: $400 Monster Stack
Level 24: Blinds 20,000-40,000 BBA 40,000
3 / 197 Remaining

The final three players agreed on a short break and when they returned, Alex Dijkhoffz won a medium-sized pot off La Sengphet with all three now nearing the same stack. Dijkhoffz’s Ad6d missed the nut flush draw on the 8d7d2c8c6h board but the six was enough.

La Sengphet – 2,100,000
Alex Dijkhoffz – 2,400,000
Thanh Vuong – 2,450,000

In the Ladies Event, level seven with blinds of 300-600 and a big blind ante of 600 has been reached. There are 38 entries so far of which 18 players remain on two nine-handed tables.

In the Semi-Turbo Event, only 20 players are in contention and the top 15 will cash for at least $620 with $9,500 on top.

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