Marini Chops With Amin

WSOPC Ring Event #10: $1,700 NLHE Main Event
Level 9: Blinds 400-800 BBA 800
65/116 Entries
The new level kicked off with a four-way pot to the KdQd9h flop on which the action checked to Hosein Amin. He bet 4,600 and Nicolas Brochot called. Anthony Marini then check-raised to 20,000 in the small blind and Jean Souprayenmestry folded in the big blind. Amin pushed all-in to force out Brochot and Marini called.
Hosein Amin: Jc10c
Anthony Marini: Js10h
The 4h turn and 8c river ensured the plot and Amin joked “mine was better, it was suited”

Anthony Marini – 170,000
Nicolas Brochot – 115,000
Jean Souprayenmestry – 72,000
Hosein Amin – 67,000

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