Ljubomir Josipovic Steamrolls to Victory in the $400 Bonus Stack

In a display of utter dominance, Ljubomir Josipovic became the second winner of a WSOP Circuit ring during the 2022 WSOPC Caribbean stop at the Casino Royale on Sint Maarten. The Austrian prevailed in a field of 169 entries in the WSOPC Ring Event #2: $400 Bonus Stack, which awarded a total of $55,770 in prize money to the top 18 finishers.

Among those to cash were the former WSOP dealer of the year Heather Alcorn, French pro Jonathan Therme, eight-time WSOPC ring winner Michael Lech, Jamaica’s Richard Smith and one-time WSOPC ring winner Karthik Ramakrishnan. For the latter, it was the second final table of the stop after he finished third in the opening event and had yet another strong showing.

The final day of the event saw 36 players back in contention and half of them would leave empty-handed without anything to show for, as only the top 18 finishers were rewarded with a payday of at least $800. Notables that came up short of this goal were Mark Castor, Jerrie Oconnor, Desmond Culbert, Eric. Munoz and Pierre Goetz to name all but a few. Arnaud Lebarbey fell two spots away from the money when his ace-jack could not get there against two pocket pairs and hand-for-hand play never got underway as Stephane Genet busted with a dominated ace moments later.

Once the bubble had burst, Josipovic kept adding chips leading up to the final table after knocking out several opponents but it was Karthik Ramakrishnan who held the lead. The Austrian continued the path of destruction when his pocket queens prevailed against the pocket tens of Michael Lech, who was denied a potential ninth Circuit Ring. From there on, Josipovic assumed control and all shorter stacks were aiming to ladder up while avoiding the wrecking ball from Austria.

Aurelien Vasseur picked the wrong time as one of the bigger stacks to get it in with ace-queen as Josipovic snap-called with pocket kings to further widen the gap at the top of the leaderboard. Ramakrishnan remained active with a shorter stack to experience a roller coaster ride while Elvis Mercera and Richard Smith departed next. Smith’s run ended in a flip with pocket nines, as Josipovic got there with ace-queen.

With an already overwhelming lead, a remarkable three-way all-in showcased the run-good of Josipovic once more. Ramakrishnan was all-in with pocket deuces and Philippe Culot got it in with pocket aces while the Austrian looked up both with pocket jacks. There was a jack in the window and the field was suddenly reduced to the final two much to the delight of Luc-Serge Cayol, who entered heads-up with a disadvantage of more than seven to one.

It was a very brief affair between Josipovic and Cayol as the former further decimated the short stack of his opponent and finished the job within ten minutes. Cayol found a suited king to go with but the ace-four of Josipovic prevailed to award the top prize of $15,000 and first WSOPC ring to the Austrian, while Cayol made the most of the ladder up and took home $9,300.

Ljubomir Josipovic Wins $400 Bonus Stack

Final Table Result WSOPC Event #2: $400 Bonus Stack

Place Winner Country Prize (in USD)
1 Ljubomir Josipovic Austria $15,000
2 Serge-Luc Cayol France $9,300
3 Karthik Ramakrishnan United States $6,700
4 Philippe Culot France $4,900
5 Richard Smith Jamaica $3,600
6 Elvis Mercera Netherlands $2,720
7 Aurelien Vasseur France $2,150
8 Michael Lech United States $1,650
9 Graziano Santini Switzerland $1,350

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