Lech Eliminated by Yau

WSOPC Ring Event #8: $400 Black Chip Bounty
Level 20: Blinds 8,000-16,000 BBA 16,000

16 / 247 Entries

Michael Lech jammed in the cutoff and Ethan Yau was in the tank out of the big blind. Lech was trying to talk his opponent out of making the call but Yau eventually came along.

Michael Lech: Ks4s
Ethan Yau: QcJs

The Jc7s2d flop gave Yau the lead, the Jd turn sealed Lech’s fate and the 9d river was a formality.

Ethan Yau – 480,000
Michael Lech – Eliminated in 17th Place ($750)

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