Lech Among the Latest Casualties

WSOPC Ring Event #10: $1,700 NLHE Main Event
Level 8: Blinds 300-600 BBA 600
68/116 Entries

Michael Lech was among the later entries on Day 1a but never got much going over on table two. His seat was empty and the stack sizes on his former table had changed, as a new chip leader emerged.

Jean Souprayenmestry provided the necessary details. According to the Frenchman, a short-stacked Lech had four-bet jammed and Amin Hosein then went all-in over the top for Michael Cooper to call. Lech’s jacks ran into kings and queens with Hosein’s kings scoring the entire pot when another king appeared.

Anthony Marini – 160,000
Amin Hosein – 95,000
Nicolas Brochot – 75,000
Jean Souprayenmestry – 70,000
Michael Cooper – 26,000

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