Leathem First Casualty of the Day

WSOPC Ring Event #10: $1,700 NLHE Main Event
Level 2: Blinds 100-100 BBA 100
75 Entries

On the river of a board Jd6c3s10c2c, Andrew Leathem bet 3,700 and then faced the shove by Julian Rollocks for another 25,000 on top. The seizable pot sent Leathem into the tank and he asked in table chat “do you have a set?” but received no answer. Ultimately, Leathem called and Rollocks tabled the AcQc for the nuts to score the double up.

Leathem’s pocket kings were briefly shown but mucked instantly thereafter.

One hand later, there was an open raise to 300 and Leathem three-bet jammed the last 2,300. Elvis Mercera called out of the blinds and the initial raiser folded.

Julian Rollocks – 72,000
Elvis Mercera – 36,000
Andrew Leathem – Eliminated

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