Kociper Doubles Lech; Busts van den Burg

WSOPC Ring Event #6: $300 PLO
Level 8: Blinds 300-600
42 / 115 Remaining

Michael Lech and Rajesh Jhangiani both re-entered and went to the same table they previously busted from, albeit on different seats this time. Lech almost immediately got involved in the action and got his stack of 18,600 in preflop with Angelo Kociper looking him up.

Michael Lech: AdJs4d2s
Angelo Kociper: KhKcQc10c

“She is gonna give it to you,” Kociper joked and referred to the dealer at the table. The board ran out Qh4h3h7sAh and Kociper groaned as Lech spiked the superior hand.

Shortly after, the KsQcJc flop brought the stack of Eric van den Burg into the middle and Kociper looked him up, too.

Eric van den Burg: KcJs8s6c
Angelo Kociper: AcJh9c4c

“Guess I need a ten ball,” Kociper said even though he also held the superior flush draw. The 7d turn bricked but the 10h river indeed gave Kociper the winning hand.

Alessio Isaia – 80,000
Angelo Kociper – 40,000
Michael Lech – 38,000
Rajesh Jhangiani – 25,000

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