June and Yau Eliminated

Event #1: $250 NLHE
Level 16: Blinds 2,000-4,000 BBA 4,000
24 / 216 Remaining

Ricardo Cheng A June pushed for the last 19,000 on the button and was called by Pierre Goetz in the big blind. June’s Ad6d were ahead versus Js7d but Goetz got there on the 9h9s3hJc5s board.

One table over, Ethan Yau was at risk before the flop for what appeared to be 43,500. He was behind with Jd8d as Karthik Ramakrishnan had that beat with the Jc10c. Yau improved on the Js8c7c flop and held up on the Ah turn but the 5c river gave Ramakrishnan the flush.

Pierre Goetz – 155,000
Karthik Ramakrishnan – 145,000
Ricardo Cheng A June – Eliminated in 26th place
Ethan Yau – Eliminated in 25th place

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