Josipovic Cannot Bluff Balleur

WSOPC Ring Event #10: $1,700 NLHE Main Event
Level 18: Blinds 3,000 – 6,000
/ BBA 6,000
34 / 256 Players Remaining

Gaetan Balleur raised it up to 15,000 and Ljubomir Josipovic then three-bet to 39,000 on the button for Balleur to call. Both headed to the Kd5s4h flop on which Balleur check-called for 40,000. The 4c turn went check, check, and Balleur also checked the Ks on the river.

Josipovic now fired a bet worth 94,000 and Balleur went into the tank for some 90 seconds. He cut out the calling chips, studied his remaining stack and called. Josipovic tabled the AsQs but Balleur had that beat with the JsJc.

Gaetan Balleur – 445,000
Ljubomir Josipovic – 230,000

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